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Performing a business valuation in-house can be a great advantage for business owners who are considering selling their business. Having a comprehensive understanding of the value of your business can help you set realistic expectations for the sale and negotiate with potential buyers.

In addition, a business valuation can also be useful for business owners who are not planning to sell their business in the near future. Understanding the value of your business can help you make informed decisions about future investments, growth strategies, and other business decisions.

It is very important that a valuation consists of two main aspects. First, the quantitative aspect of the business, the financial analysis. Second, the qualitative aspect of the business that affects its value of the business. Please ask for our free qualitative assessment of your business! It takes only 15-20 minutes to answer 37 questions online and we will send you a complimentary report about the “State of your Business”. See link below!

In summary, it is imperative to know the value of your business at any given moment.

There are two situations a business owner faces. You as the business owner has either decided to sell but have not decided on the advisor, or you are totally undecided on how to strategically proceed or has conflicting agendas.

Scenario #1

Magnus Business Group will perform a valuation on the company. If agreed on a value range, sales process, timing, and costs, we should proceed.

Take the free “State of your Business” questionnaire and answer 37 questions within 15 – 20 minutes. You will receive a comprehensive report!

Scenario #2

Magnus Business Group will perform a shareholder value maximization study. What does that mean?

  1. We combine all shareholder agendas and social issues and rank all strategic options available.
  2. We provide conclusions in the form of present value, and estimated after-tax cash derived from all viable exit strategies and discuss different scenarios.

This study will present topics to be considered if a business can be sold, or to be hold on and improve certain business areas, to make investment decisions for future growth and being aligned with all shareholder expectations.